Personal Development or Individual Counselling

Personal Development or Individual Counselling

I propose a set of 4 initial sessions to get to know each other and evaluate ways to work together. Then we can evaluate your needs and decide the best direction of working together.


Temporarily or permanent, expatriation is a unique enriching experience, as well a difficult emotional phase. There is a particular need for flexibility and adjustment  to a new environment but we can also sometimes experience internal conflicts.

Expatriation environment can be stressful and challenging; you can find yourself lost without your cultural reference and familiar support network.

Returning home can be another challenge with new stresses reintegrating your family and social context or looking for a new job or an apartment.

When you feel it is difficult and it starts to be overwhelming, it is important to quickly seek support and evaluate your initial reaction and prevent burnout, cumulative stress or post traumatic syndrome.

NGOs and Private Sector

I offer debriefings for INGO workers, before departure and returning home. I also offer individual support during their mission when facing professional or personal difficulties.

I can work in emergency context with response to possible traumatic episodes (natural disasters, kidnapping, accidents, etc)

Family Counselling & Parenting Support

Family systemic therapy, is an approach that works with families and those who are in close relationships, to foster change. These changes are viewed in terms of the systems of interaction between each person in the family or relationship. 

It is understandable that families and those in relationships sometimes get into difficulties due to their differences, or feel the strain when loved ones have troubles. The aim of therapy is to work on these problems by encouraging family members to help and empathise with each other. They are given the opportunity to understand and appreciate each other's needs, build on family strengths and ultimately make useful changes in their lives and relationships. 


In addition to my practice currently based in Vientiane, Laos, I am available by Skype. I do not work by phone or email, as I prefer the visual contact of Skype video. It allows us to get a “feel” for one another.

Self-development workshops
& Consulting

I can organise custom self development workshops using art as a medium to get in touch with  our feelings, and understanding self and our needs. These workshops are not intended for therapy.

I can also provide NGO sector trainings on several topics related to child protection and psychosocial work.